Drunk Girl

“In the course of Drunk Girl, amusement turns to disappointment, underscored by a rage that masquerades as high spirits but is more like profound sadness.”  -Liz Nicholls

★★★★★ "A cleverly curated thesis... she has the audience eating out of the palm of her hand the whole way through." -The Australia Times

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Part theatre piece and part storytelling show, Drunk Girl explores the intimacy, tenacity, celebration and terror of women who drink. We watch performer Thea Fitz-James analyze what people say about drunk girls, her own drinking, and family rituals. She asks, through 2 enigmatic characters, why so many smart, high-achieving women seem to love a drink or 10. Drunk Girl is that moment when the party takes a turn, but it's too late to leave: we’re implicated now, caught in a rollercoaster of calorie-counting keg parties, false feminisms, denial and love.  Drunk Girl takes an honest look at how Drunk Girls occupy the public  imagination: as contemporary crisis or radical feminist?

Past Performances

(workshop) Storefront Theatre, May 2014 | Part of 360° of Engagement: Publicly-situated performance. CATR in Congress 2014, Brock University. May 2014 | Reading with Write On Playwrights Showcase, Sept 2015 | Edmonton Fringe Festival, 2016 | Cucalorus Film Festival, Nov 2016 | World Fringe, 2017 | Adelaide Fringe, 2017 | Winnipeg Fringe, 2017 | Edmonton Fringe, 2017 (winner: hold-over series) | (upcoming) Montreal Fringe 2018 |  Ottawa Fringe, 2018



★★★★ 1/2 stars "Thea Fitz-James is an effortless and clever storyteller, instantly connecting with her audience thankstoherconfident,intelligent,andfamiliarenergyonstage."- Vue Weekly
★★★★ “Fitz-James is a smart, enchanting performer who knows how to navigate the line between levity and gravity. She pushes the audience into uncomfortable territory just enough to make us really confront the subject, then backs off and gives us a laugh”  -Gig City
★★★★ "Eye-opening and entertaining" -Global News
★★★★ "[Drunk Girl] takes a whole lot of guts and a whole lot of skill, neither of which playwright Thea Fitz-James is short of" - Edmonton Journal
"Highly impactful and relatable exposé on female drinking" -Rotunda Media
"This show isn’t just about alcohol; it is about the relationship women have with alcohol and societal perceptions" - Colosoul